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E-BOOK: A Simple Guide to Creating a Successful PIM Methodology

Product Information Management (PIM) is on the forefront of e-commerce necessities today. In this e-book, Codifyd experts explain industry changes that have made agile PIM solutions mandatory in today’s digital landscape, as well as steps to take to land on the right PIM for your organization.

WHITE PAPER: How B2B Industrial Distributors Can Compete with Amazon

It’s no surprise the industrial distribution market has changed over the past several decades. An industry once dominated by traveling salesmen and catalogs has grown into a global e-commerce marketplace. Along with this growth comes new and unexpected competition for B2B industrial distributors: B2C companies like Amazon that draw in customers with easy-to-use websites, a […]

7 Ways Distributors Grow E-Commerce Sales with Product Content

If you build it, they will come. But how do you make them stay once they get there? And how do you get them to buy? Driving traffic, retention, and growth is a challenge all e-commerce companies face, but it’s a unique one for B2B industrial distributors that have a broad product offering with a […]