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Case Studies

RS Components Case Study

When you’re a global distributor of electronic components, introducing new, innovative products to engineers and procurement specialists is an important part of business for both buyer and seller. That’s what RS Components strives to do every day as the world’s leading high-service distributor of electronics and maintenance products.

Metalworking Distributor Case Study

Codifyd encourages the use of best practices and data manipulation software to manage large volumes of product content. Our priority was to create an efficient process to design, gather, and organize complex product content and ensure its accuracy.

Parker Case Study

Codifyd encourages distributors take a customer-first approach to designing product content. Our priority was to make finding and buying products easy for customers, all the while keeping each business unit’s goals, processes, and requirements in mind.

Case Study: County Digitizes Land Record Data

One of the largest counties in the northeastern United States had over 2.5 million pages of land records it wanted to make publically available. Dating back to the 18th century, the records were both handwritten in bound volumes and printed on microfilm. Not only did the county want records publically available, they also wanted them […]

National Nutrition Program Case Study

A national nutrition institute mails 200,000 surveys a month to recipients of its infant formula program. Returned surveys must be processed on a rolling basis quickly and efficiently so the institute can manage its program and determine eligibility. With large volumes of documents to accurately scan, analyze, and manage, the institute didn’t have the resources […]

Manufacturer Increases Web Traffic 200%

When a motion control and technologies manufacturer wanted to improve traffic to their website, they turned to Codifyd to design and build SEO-friendly product hierarchies for over TK products.

Ivy League University Creates Digital Archive – A case study on document scanning and digitizing

Cornell University wanted to digitize its historical collection of the Cornell Daily Sun, the daily newspaper of the university. Cornell not only wanted to make articles and advertisements publicly available, it wanted the public to be able to search, navigate, and sort through the entire collection. With over 170,000 pages to process, the university didn’t […]