The challenges associated with storing, maintaining, and processing large amounts of business-critical data are countless. With data sets running to millions of terabytes, the volume, velocity, and variety of data are posing a major threat to manufacturers as it hampers their decision-making ability and business growth.

Capturing, storing, managing and analyzing data has become a prerequisite today to enhance operational efficiency, especially in a B2B context. As centralizing all technical and marketing product information becomes critical for digital channel effectiveness and revenue growth, what manufacturers need is a holistic approach to data management.

The STIBO master data management solution enables manufacturers to accelerate speed to market, improve compliance, and strengthen processes through automation of data workflows. It enables manufacturers to meet their increasing data requirements and accelerate their business through efficient data management. Here’s how manufacturing companies can create a digital advantage with STIBO:

Data consistency: In themanufacturing ecosystem, distributors and consumers demand consistency in data, as it forms the basis of rich product information. With standards and regulations evolving, manufacturers need to constantly meet compliance requirements, even while fighting competitive forces.

STIBO enables manufacturers to meet the increasing demands of faster time-to-market while keeping up with suppliers, distributors, and end users. The solution provides consistent access to clean, up-to-date data. Manufacturers can integrate information from various systems, enrich the data to meet customer-specific requirements, and establish the necessary governance to deliver consistent and accurate data to all the stakeholders of the business.

End-to-end data management: Manufacturers have to deal with a raft of suppliers and other partners. All of them deliver components, materials, tools, and solutions to build products. All these partners follow their own standards, naming conventions, and lexicon. They have their own systems, processes, and workflows.

Rather than relying on a confusion of data stored in different systems and locations, STIBO acts as a single, central repository for gathering and integrating information. This can help to improve process efficiency at a variety of touchpoints. For eg., STIBO connects warehouse and inventory management systems to remove data discrepancies, reduce data maintenance, and ensure data timeliness and accuracy.  Through integration with content management systems, manufacturers can publish the right content, information, images, and keywords for the customers to find the products they need easily. This helps create a smooth buyer journey, thereby improving satisfaction.

Improved traceability: Given the multitude of players participating in the manufacturing ecosystem, having complete visibility, from raw materials to finished product data, is critical. STIBO provides manufacturers with data across components, suppliers, product specifications, digital assets, warehouse locations, and more.

Real-time insights into product data, offered through configurable dashboards and reports, allow manufacturers to identify discrepancies, and make the necessary changes to stay on schedule.

Faster decision-making: Speed of operations is an important weapon in the battle to outdo the competition. With STIBO, manufacturers can make faster, data-driven decisions across the product lifecycle.

Master data management with STIBO helps integrate multiple systems to deliver accurate, timely data across the organization. Manufacturers can reduce time to market as the information flows across the organization and external channels, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. 

Improved time-to-market: In a competitive world, bringing products to the market in the shortest time is imperative for success. Crashed timelines reduce the time available to get the end-points in the system equipped with the most current product information.

STIBO provides manufacturers with a single version of the truth. This enables them to communicate critical product information to the points of sale –quickly, cohesively, and coherently. By easily onboarding data from multiple systems, STBIO enables manufacturers to handle product attributes, publish information to necessary channels, and deliver consistent product information to immediately meet customer expectations of information availability.

Reduced supply chain complexity:From apparel to appliances, food to furniture, and everything in between, the complexity of the manufacturing supply chain continues to grow. STIBIO allows manufacturers undergoing digital transformation to reduce the supply chain complexity. The aim is to improve efficiency and responsiveness.

Linking product data with suppliers, supplier locations, manufacturing locations, and certifications into an easy-to-access registry of information allows for full and seamless traceability across the supply chain.

Global operational excellence: With the business world getting more and more global, offering a seamless experience to suppliers, distributors, and customers alike is a daunting task. Manufacturers need to account for regional languages, currency, measurement systems, and local compliance needs.

STIBO allows manufacturers to localize data for multiple markets across multiple languages. It allows them to efficiently manage relevant assets across numerous geographies. Manufacturers can use this capability to their advantage, and cruise ahead in an increasingly digital world.

Personalized customer experiences: No matter the industry, today’s customers demand personalized experiences across all channels. Master data management solutions like STIBO allow manufacturers to exceed such customer expectations by providing a personalized experience across channels and devices.

By linking data with digital assets and other data points, manufacturers can not only provide highly personalized product content but also deliver relevant information using advanced localization tools for global partners and B2B customers.


STIBO +Codifyd

Given Codifyd’s strategic alliance with STIBO since 2013, there’s a lot for manufacturing companies to gain. Our highly-proficient and experienced data management professionals and SMEs with global skills can help in streamlining and improving your data management functions and processes, while strengthening the customer experience. Our efficient and time-tested delivery methodologies, when combined with STIBO’s exceptional data management solutions, can power your digital transformation objectives and enable you to better serve customers across all touchpoints.

Get ahead

In a world that is struggling to cope with data overload, ensuring accurate product data is critical to any digital strategy. Manufacturing companies can benefit greatly from a modern master data management solution like STIBO.

STIBO consolidates data from various systems into a central repository, offering full visibility and access to a single version of the truth. By using the robust platform, manufacturers can reduce the risk of data discrepancies and ensure data consistency. In effect, they can manage data end-to-end and improve traceability. This helps them make smarter, faster decisions, reduce time to market, personalize customer experiences, and reduce supply chain complexity while enjoying global operational excellence.